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  • Was können die Boveda Packs?

    What can the Boveda Packs do?

    Juicy, fresh and delicious! Isn't that what everyone wants for their flowers? The genetics, cultivation, treatment and harvesting of cannabis is essential. The storage and packaging of the flowers, with the right humidity, also plays an extremely important role. Boveda's...

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  • Was ist CBD?

    What exactly is CBD?

    CBD stands for cannabidiol. What is that? CBD is, besides the well-known THC, another active agent found in cannabis. Our body's endocannabinoid system has numerous receptors to absorb CBD. The female CBD hemp is not psychoactive compared to THC. Nevertheless,...

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  • Aktivkohlefilter


    Aktivkohlefilter: actiTube, Purize, Dr.Pearl, Stanwell und Miss Nice, seit dem immer mehr Menschen sich für weniger, schädliches Konsumieren interessieren, wächst die Anzahl der führenden Herstellern von vorgefertigten Filter stätig. Aber was können diese Aktivkohle haltigen Filter, was mein guter, alter Papier Tip nicht...

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