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Was können die Boveda Packs?

What can the Boveda Packs do?

Juicy, fresh and delicious! Isn't that what everyone wants for their flowers? The genetics, cultivation, treatment and harvesting of cannabis is essential. The storage and packaging of the flowers, with the right humidity, also plays an extremely important role. Boveda's patented HumidiPak Hygro-Packs adaptively increase or decrease humidity and keep it at the appropriate level for the flowers. How do the little wonder packs work? Boveda Freshkeepers use a concentrated solution of water and salts to regulate the humidity in the packaging. This is done by pure water vapour only. Measured by the temperature, the Freshkeepers only release the required moisture. Thanks to a reverse osmosis membrane, they even absorb excess humidity if necessary. This also prevents the formation of mould -nobody wants rotten flowers. Boveda offers the solution. Simply place a Freshkeeper in the container and close it tightly afterwards and instantly they can start to unfold their full potential. The decay of the flowers begins with the harvest. As soon as the flowers are cut from the plant, the cannabis begins to decompose. During the drying process the terpenes slowly separate inside the trichomes. These terpenes are responsible for the unique and strong smell of the flowers. After trials in a cannabis testing facility in California, it was confirmed that thanks to the Boveda Freshkeeper, 15 percent more terpenes are preserved than when stored without the Freshkeeper. Even in a glass container or a resealable bag, the terpenes evaporate into the internal air. Boveda slows down this loss of terpenes by precisely controlling the humidity. A lack of humidity can also cause the flowers to lose mass and fullness. The weight of unprotected and drying flowers can thus be reduced by more than 3 percent. The Boveda Humidity Control HumidiPak Hygro- Packs are now available in our online shop in different variations. 
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